Twin Trees operates a comprehensive array of services and support for people with intellectual disabilities including community residential services, supportive living,  and respite services in the Connellsville area of Fayette County.  Our homes are comfortably designed and well maintained and provide a conducive environment for meaningful daily living experiences. Our goal is to ensure that all individuals live their best life. Twin Trees, Inc. is dedicated to creating a powerful life for each individual, fostering joy through creativity and connectedness within an inclusive world.

Day in The Life


  • Support and Care: Twin Trees, Inc. provides necessary supports described in each individual’s ISP (Individual Support Plan). We strive to offer the highest level of care, treating every person with dignity and respect.


  • Unique Environments: Staff at Twin Trees, Inc. create unique environments where learning, collaboration, and thinking outside the box lead to positive experiences. Empowering individuals to make good choices and decisions while using their voices is something we practice each day.


  • Everyday Lives Doctrine: Twin Trees, Inc. believes in the principles outlined in the Everyday Lives doctrine, which emphasizes creativity, connectedness, and inclusivity. They maintain meticulously staffed homes according to individual needs.


  • Community Engagement: Twin Trees, Inc. staff connect with community partnerships daily. Individuals supported by Twin Trees enjoy activities such as bowling, attending concerts, playing BINGO, dancing, visiting state parks, working, boating, attending sporting events, and participating in Special Olympic events. They also engage in gardening, dining out, mountain rides, swimming, exercising, visiting family, and self-advocacy.


Twin Trees Inc. provides the opportunity for the individual to achieve his or her fullest potential  echoing the sentiments of "Everday Lives" which places primary emphasis upon teaching and developing basic living skills.  Services can include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in the activities of daily living that support a person's personal and intellectual development focusing on the person first
  • Physical, medical and personal care
  • Recreation and socialization in the community
  • Supervision, personal safety skills and stranger/danger awareness


  • Our homes are nestled in rural Fayette County conveniently located close to lakes, trails, rivers and state parks.
  • Our main office is conveniently located 35 miles from Pittsburgh, 17 miles from Greensburg and 14 miles from Uniontown.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining beautifully personalized homes with all necessary individualized adaptions to meet the needs of persons being supported.
  • All homes are WIFI friendly.
  • A few homes are located in rural neighborhoods with amazing scenic views, flowering landscapes and large yards.
  •  Covered patios, screened and covered porches, gazebos and decks allow for enjoyment as our seasons change.
  • Some of our homes are located in tree-lined quiet neighborhoods with small parks and sidewalks conducive for exercise and socialization.


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