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Twin Trees, Inc. believes that persons with intellectual disabilities are entitled to:

   -Live and work in a style that is as close as possible to what is considered customary

   -Live and work in the least restrictive environment possible

   -Receive assistance in moving toward independence

   -Receive respect and dignity while pursuing individual goals

   -Receive community support and assistance to access the highest quality of

    services available

Twin Trees, Inc. believes that every individual should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. It is our commitment to make available whatever programming is necessary to assist each individual in achieving their maximum potential as respected members of society.

The objective of Twin Trees, Inc. is to make it possible for intellectually disabled  persons to achieve their fullest potential and become as independent and self-sufficient in their home and community as possible.   It is a program where individuals receive training in daily living activities and recreation, plus encouragement and support in being integrated into the community.

In June 1978, Twin Trees, Inc. received it's non-profit incorporation status.  Today, the agency has developed to an 11-member governing board with administrative officers.  We have grown from two residential homes serving six individuals to seven residential homes serving twenty-one individuals and one individual receiving home and community habilitative services in a senior high rise setting in the community. 

Twin Trees, Inc. operates in conjunction with the Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration. www.FCBHA.org

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