Our Activities

Twin Trees, Inc.community residential homes function as a "family unit".  We support each other, we celebrate accomplishments, and we share frustrations in whatever life has to offer.  Responsibility, communication and determination combine housemates and staff into a unity of devotion and support for each other.

To celebrate a birthday or a holiday, or suffer an illness or grieve a loss are all part of life experiences and at Twin Trees, Inc. we work together to support each other through each and every milestone.

Belonging to a unified body of individuals is important to all of us.  As a neighbor, we foster friendships and support our community.  Being full citizens of the community, many individuals residing with Twin Trees, Inc. vote, attend church, participate in team sports, visit the senior center,work through supported employment programs, work activity centers, or volunteer.

Having the opportunity to participate in recreational activities, belong to a religious community, or simply taking a walk to visit a neighbor are a few examples of the many opportunities each of us have as members of society. Recreation and socialization make up a very important part of a person's life.  At Twin Trees, Inc. every effort is made to involve each individual in recreational activities of their own personal interest.

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