The quality of health care is directly related to important safety issues for individuals with intellectual disabilities residing in communities.  The issues of health care and safety are our top priority and receive full attention by all staff at Twin Trees, Inc. All direct support professional staff are trained in CPR and First Aid annually as well as diabetes certification for those directly assisting insulin dependent diabetics. In an effort to meet the changing medical needs of our community, Twin Trees, Inc. designated one of our  community residential facilities to be a medically enhanced site. This site began providing innovative care in November of 2016. A Registered Nurse is employed full time to adequately assist direct support professionals in addressing the very specific medical needs of the individuals residing within.  The importance of careful planning and monitoring, by working closely with the individual, their family and friends, and the medical profession is just the beginning.  On-going and consistent staff training provides resources to help address health care problems and ensure communication between providers.

Health & Safety

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